Our Guide to picking the best ring binder for the job.

Making sure you are picking the right binder for the job is key for durability, functionality and cost. With so many different styles and print options out there we thought it might be useful to give a basic guide on the best binder for you. The three main ring binder materials are Polypropylene, PVC & Paper Over Board. They are all great in there own way so we hope the information below will help you to make a decision


Polypropylene is a tough hard wearing material ideal for long lasting loose leaf binders as it is virtually indestructible. It comes in a wide variety of colours, sizes and finishes including different tints giving your loose leaf binder that modern finish. The best thing about this alternative is the price, as it is cheaper than the PVC alternative. It is wipe clean Has a number of branding options. Polypropylene is also environmentally friendly, so it is recycled and recyclable.


PVC is still the most popular versatile and cost effective material for branded loose leaf presentation binders as it is can be personalised in various different ways with pockets, USB storage and pen loops added very cheaply. They are hard wearing and wipe clean giving that popular traditional look coming in any size. There are branding options are with encapsulated paper prints being the most popular as this offers the full colour option at very reasonable cost.
The PVC binder is also environmentally friendly with all waste PVC is being recycled and many of the most popular finishes available in recycled material.

Paper Over Board

The best thing about paper over board ring binders is the price as it is the cheapest option for your personalised binder. Lithography can be used to print text or art work on Paper sheets giving total flexibility in your print design and giving the ability to use photographic images to enhance your message. The one drawback with this type of binder is pockets are self adhesive and therefore not as strong as on the more robust PVC alternative.

We hope that helps but if you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch!