Get colourful and creative with printed PVC binders

The business world in the 21st century is perhaps more competitive now than it has ever been, thanks in part to the need to maintain a high profile among customers and clients. Companies in all sectors need to be seen and heard as often as possible, so advertising budgets for broadcast and print media can become a major cause for concern.

One of the best ways to get the organisation noticed is via corporate gifts, which are relatively inexpensive and can of course be given directly to the people who really matter. Promotional items have become part of the fabric of our business world over the years, and they serve as a reminder that your company is still around, still producing and still available as and when required.

Items such as printed PVC binders can act in a subliminal way, and of course they can offer a variety of uses for the recipient. And while such items may seem almost invisible at times in a busy office environment, they can be tailored to make sure they get noticed. The incorporation of logos, company names and bespoke text makes a huge difference, as does the fact that they’re available in a wide range of colours.

More than 50 shades of binder!

Whether your organisation favours elegant blues, bright yellows, soothing reds or any one of 64 eye-catching colours, you can find beautifully made binders that match your look with ease. Pictures, logos, wording and straplines can be added to produce a striking piece of stationery that the recipient will want to use time and time again, or of course you can keep the binders in-house to strengthen your company’s identity.

And while the visual impact of printed PVC binders will initially be noticed on the outside, the inside of these products can easily be adapted to suit your needs. Internal pockets of matching or contrasting shades make a real difference, and we at Binder Network offer additional flourishes such as USB storage and pen loops.

Our PVC binders are hard-wearing, easy to clean and cost-effective. They can be tailored to very individual specifications, with options on size, colour, add-ons, embossing, stitching and handles. Have a chat with our team today to create unforgettable binders with the personal touch.

The Binder Network offers a comprehensive range of corporate gifts and stationery items including printed PVC binders, branded Oyster Card wallets and record of achievement folders. Contact our friendly, helpful team today for more information.