Branded Oyster Card wallets for Business Promotion

Our extensive range of corporate gifts can be used in a variety of different scenarios, both in the workplace and in the home, but one of them will have practical uses whenever the recipient commutes to work. Branded Oyster Card wallets from the Binder Network are available in a comprehensive range of colours and can serve as a timely reminder of your company’s products and services.

The wallets feature clear pockets on either side of the fold, so the Oyster Card can be pressed against the card reader on buses and in stations without the need to remove it each time. It’s a practical, useful gift to give, and of course it will jog the consciousness of the holder during both the morning and evening commute. To help your budget, we can produce the wallets in both small and large quantities.

Whether you choose to have a company logo or a strapline included, your branded Oyster Card wallets will prove to be popular with clients and customers right from day one. When giving these lovely little gifts out, you can be confident that your message is getting across to the people that matter, and that the message is underlined every working day.

A corporate gift that could be used by millions

One of the reasons for the popularity of these wallets is the sheer number of people who are likely to use them. The Oyster Card has been in use in London since 2003, and it continues to provide a practical alternative to individual paper tickets. It’s estimated that around 60 million cards were issued in the first ten years, and of course this number continues to rise as each year goes by.

Needless to say, travel cards aren’t just restricted to people who live and work in London. Our branded Oyster Card wallets can be used to hold cards for train and bus travel in all parts of the UK, and of course they have a number of other practical uses, including providing a safe place to store football season tickets, credit cards and security passes.

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