What are Binders

Binders come in many shapes, sizes and types, but the  most common types are A4 binders and these are designed to accommodate international A4 paper size. The dimensions of which are 210mm x 297mm (8.27″ x 11.69″).  In this digital age, you would be hard pushed to go into any office or home and not find binders. (not to be confused with chest binders which is what Google seems to find when searching).

This is because, Binders are incredibly useful at filing things things like important paperwork and they facilitate a sort of paper based, hand made organising system. Also used for filing documents, they can also be used to hold documents like marketing material; think welcome pack when you join a club or job. For many, the only consideration that matters when purchasing binders is size and cost. So as long as they can accommodate the required number of documents and are affordable they are considered good enough!

When organising files and documents, a binder is the perfect way to keep things in order. Thanks to their sturdy nature, design and easy to use functions, a binder is an essential item for every home or office. Nowadays almost every Binder is branded with a logo or is made up of lots of colours or pictures. They can be stylish and contemporary and at The Binder Network, we have a wide selection of binders for you to choose from to help keep your files organised. 

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Store all your office essentials when on the move with binders from The Binder Network.